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six.  Visually, a single cylinder is shorter than the other which supplies the engine a lopsided appearance. 

"Don't rely on the dual-Cam drinking water-cooled cylinder head to chill the motor because it will not prevent motor hurt."  See #146 7.  Query:  What are the cc's in Harley motors?

Respond to:  Concern not.  There is nothing Completely wrong Along with the bike.  That seem you hear is definitely deep In the transmission's straight-cut initially gears, but sound emits from the correct side trap doorway spot especially in neutral equipment.  It is just gear rattle.  Some bikes have it, some Never, but all ultimately will.  Your bicycle just has a little bit more "slop"backlash play in between the first equipment pair and these gears will "chatter" and make you believe it's a serious defect.  Can it be a defect?  Indeed, a result of the design and style from the transmission.  Can it's mounted?  Of course, but It is far from essential since the chattering sounds is simply that, noise.  It will likely not damage the transmission till one million miles is set about the transmission!  H-D is working on a deal with for foreseeable future designs only since the EPA will pressure them to sooner or later cease the noise, not which the rattle is a trustworthiness challenge.  This rattle sounds, for now, is nothing at all to bother with so just get accustomed to it.  I know this is difficult to perform, but when you realize all Harley Twin-Cam overdrive transmissions will begin to chatter it might soothe the soreness.

Handlebars should really turn smoothly without binding. Be sure tires are properly inflated, balanced and have adequate tread. Inspect your tires frequently and find out a Harley-Davidson seller for replacements.

Answer:  Visit a unbiased motorcycle parts retail store or repair service shop and have a look at their counter parts catalogs.  You will note rows of these.  From there, receive the names in the catalogs then look for the online market place and request catalog or download a PDF catalog.  Motorcycle rallies even have some catalogs accessible, but not all.  The online market harley davidson parts discount place also has numerous parts suppliers but could be difficult to find even applying engines like google.  Competitors Accessories is a good corporation in addition to Motorcycle Superstore.  JC Motors. Try out not to do small business with businesses that cost restocking service fees since they generate earnings at your price even when they make problems.  Get elsewhere.  Check out their FAQ and Return Plan online before you position an order.  Just say no to restocking costs.  I won't do small business with All those firms that rob their shoppers.  What conceitedness to charge restocking costs when returns is just the expense of doing organization.

An abbreviated V.I.N. is stamped on the remaining aspect crankcase at the base from the rear cylinder. Observe: Normally give the total 17-digit Car Identification Range when purchasing parts or generating any inquiry about your motorcycle.

Free normal delivery applies to buys totaling $50 or more after promotions and discounts are used.

Respond to: You utilize the frame nameplate when utilizing the similar stock tire that arrived While using the bicycle when new.  If you have a different tire brand name or model set up you then use the air stress advisable on the tire.

Convert the ignition vital OFF and arm the safety method if present and desired. The 4-way flashers will continue on for 2 hours.

four. Avoid lugging the engine by not managing the motor at extremely minimal speeds in higher gears. 5. Prevent really hard braking. Split­in new brakes with reasonable use for the initial 200 mi three hundred km . Pre­Riding Checklist Go through the CONTROLS AND INDICATORS portion prior to Driving your motorcycle. Failure to understand the Procedure of the motorcycle could outcome in Demise or critical harm. (00043a) Just before Using your motorcycle, make a standard inspection to make absolutely sure that it is in Protected Driving ailment. End the engine when refueling or servicing the fuel procedure. Do not smoke or allow for open flame or sparks near gasoline. Gasoline is particularly flammable and really explosive, which could result in Demise or really serious personal injury. (00002a) Stay clear of spills. Bit by bit take away filler cap. Do not fill previously mentioned bottom of filler neck insert, leaving air space for fuel growth. Safe filler cap after refueling. Gasoline is amazingly flammable and very explosive, which could end result in death or major personal injury. (00028a) Use care when refueling. Pressurized air in gas tank can...

Don't pull on any electrical wires. Pulling on electrical wires may possibly harm the internal conductor resulting in substantial resistance, which can result in minor or reasonable damage.

Shell out individual interest to the weights of accessories, cargo, Driving gear, passenger and rider and how the sum full of all these weights have an impact on the loading capability of your motorcycle. Harley­Davidson parts and accessories are created for Harley­Davidson motorcycles. Making use of non­Harley­Davidson parts or accessories can adversely have an impact on efficiency, security or managing, which could result in death or critical harm. (00001b) Do not increase sidecar to this motorcycle. Running motorcycle with sidecar can bring about loss of car Handle, which could final result in Demise or major injuries. (00590d) Noise Manage Program Tampering Elimination or replacement of any noise Command system part might be prohibited by legislation. This prohibition features modifications made prior to vehicle sale or supply to the best purchaser. Use of a vehicle on which noise Regulate process components have been taken off or rendered inoperative might also be prohibited by legislation. Labels See Labels for protection and upkeep labels which were on the car when new. If taken off, substitution labels may well be procured for your motorcycle. Refer to Labels.

After setting up seat, pull upward on seat to be sure it truly is locked in position. Whilst Using, a loose seat can shift resulting in loss of Handle, which could cause Demise or serious damage.

When the system disarms, the optional siren will chirp at the time and the stability indicator lamp will illuminate for a solid four seconds and then change off. Notice: On any movement, like lifting the motorcycle up off of its jiffy stand or turning the ignition to ON, the technique will electronically "poll" for the presence of the fob. If the fob is present, the program disarms. Private Identification Range (PIN): If the fob is misplaced or if the existing fob fails to speak, the procedure can be disarmed with the Own Identification Quantity (PIN). Make reference to Moving into a PIN to Disarm Stability Program. Disarming with a PIN Disarm the safety program manually utilizing the PIN if the fob is shed, the fob battery is discharged or if where you parked there is a strong electromagnetic interference. Do not turn handlebars, straddle seat or elevate motorcycle off the jiffy stand. For the duration of a PIN disarm, Should the protection procedure detects motorcycle movement the technique will activate the alarm. NOTES: If a oversight is designed while moving into PIN, turn the ignition Switch to OFF ahead of getting into the last digit and then begin the method from the commencing. If the process fails to disarm the security method, wait two minutes just before attempting Yet another PIN disarm.

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